Decorating the walls of Italian restaurants

The traditional method of decorating the walls of Italian restaurants is nothing more than pasting wallpaper or painting emulsion paint. These two methods of decoration are very simple, but the decorated restaurants have no characteristics. Now people prefer to set photo walls for the restaurants. It is not troublesome to create photo walls, but it can improve the appearance of restaurants. Moreover, the decorated restaurants are very artistic and warm. With the photo wall, the restaurant immediately enriched a lot. Similar to this decoration method is to use plates to design patterns on the wall of the restaurant. This method has a more sense of design, but it is more troublesome to operate. There is also a simpler way. It is wall sticker. Wall stickers can be changed at any time to maintain a fresh feeling. You can refer to the renderings on the Happy Decal website. We can see how wall stickers are used in Italian restaurants.

I Italian restaurant decoration features:

  1. Cross plane

This is also inherited from Roman architecture, but expanded the area of the altar. The door is pushed inward layer by layer with a large number of reliefs, which seems to have a strong attraction for those who are about to enter the door.

  1. Fascicular column

The column is no longer a simple circle. Many columns are combined to emphasize the vertical lines, which further sets off the towering and precipitous space. The interior space of the special church is high, open, simple and unified. Decorative details such as canopy and niches also use sharp coupons as the theme, and the architectural style and structural techniques form an organic whole. The whole building looks simple and magnificent, and the interior is very open and bright. There is one kind of 3D wall decal that can simply imitate the style of columns.

  1. Pointed rib vault

The cylindrical vault of Romanesque architecture is generally changed into sharp rib arch, and the thrust acts on the four arch bottom stones, so that the height and span of the vault are no longer limited and can be built large and high. And the sharp rib vault also has the visual hint of “upward”.

  1. Flying buttress, also known as buttress, is an auxiliary facility used to share the pressure of the main wall, which has been widely used in Roman architecture. However, the original solid buttresses covered by the roof are exposed in the special buildings, which are called flying buttresses. As the height of the church was further required, the role and appearance of the buttresses were greatly enhanced. Some of the buttresses are equipped with minarets to improve the balance. There are often complicated decorative carvings on the buttresses, which are light and beautiful, towering and steep.


The decoration style of the Italian restaurant is characterized by simplicity, which strives to be concise, pure and lively. Simplicity is neither simple nor superficial, but a decoration style formed through careful design and, which is very rich in connotation. I think it’s very good, and the style is quite obvious.


  1. Italian restaurant style – solemn style

The solemn Italian style has many mirrors on the wall in the store. When you sit in the bar, you can enjoy the scenery of the Bund from different angles. The characters will change with the presence of different customers every day, so those changed pictures will naturally become a beautiful landscape. The wall of the VIP room uses Masek to spell out a large crystal lamp pattern, which looks very modern.

  1. Italian restaurant style – log style

The design of the log Flavor Restaurant originated from the restaurant in Turin, Italy. The neutral soft colors and wooden tables and chairs give off a light log flavor, creating a warm and harmonious dining atmosphere. You can try the wall sticker printed in log style, which is more convenient and easy to use.

  1. Italian restaurant style – gorgeous style

There is a suite on the third floor, which is very suitable for private banquets or small parties. Even the rooms are divided into different functions, including wine room, cigar room, Western food area, open-air teahouse, and an open-air roof on the top floor. This style is suitable for petty bourgeoisie! Here you can use the large format wall mural sticker. This kind of wallpaper sticker can decorate the whole wall or even the whole space.

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