The decoration of the restaurant

The decoration of the restaurant is not only for beauty, but also for practicality. For example, the layout of the dining area, service area, kitchen and other areas. Many novices will have misunderstandings when opening a shop. So how should the restaurant be decorated? Here are some points you should keep in mind:

(1) Layout of front hall and back kitchen

Many people will set up many seats in the front hall when decorating the hotel, but the back kitchen space is very small. This kind of decoration is a mistake that many novices will make.

In the directional thinking, we all think that the large space in the front hall, more seats and more customers can get more income, and there is not much demand for the space in the back kitchen. However, in fact, the small space in the kitchen will greatly affect the chef’s meals, and customers will only have a bad impression of the store after waiting for a long time.

Only when the kitchen planning and decoration design is reasonable and the kitchen has a high meal rate, the turnover and profit of the restaurant will be improved. Good planning of back kitchen space and moving line can increase the catering operation income more than more seats.

(2) Treatment of Hidden construction

Many of the catering decoration works are concealed works, such as water and electricity line design. Improper handling of these places will have a great impact on the hotel business in the later stage. Attention must be paid to the handling of details during the decoration.

Water is indispensable for restaurants. If water proofing is not handled properly, it will cause trouble during business. We try to use open channels for drainage. Too much oil in the kitchen can easily cause the ground to be wet and slippery. Using open channels can facilitate the kitchen work.

In addition to water and electricity, ventilation and exhaust in the kitchen are also very important. Poor air circulation will also cause great damage to vegetables and other foods.

(3) Decoration of open kitchen

Safe and secure catering can be favored by customers, so many restaurants have begun to use open kitchen. During the decoration of the open kitchen, attention should be paid to the moving line planning of the restaurant, so as to facilitate customers to choose meals and pay attention to practicality. A good restaurant not only uses taste to retain customers, but also customer experience is extremely important. When customers enjoy delicious food, the overall environment and atmosphere of the hotel should also attract customers.

Five principles for restaurant decoration

(1) Simple decoration

With the continuous development of the times, people now prefer simple and hygienic restaurants. Too luxurious decoration is unsatisfactory. It can achieve good results with some green plants, murals or small pendant in the store. The decoration is clean and tidy, saving time and effort.

(2) Luxury decoration

Generally, our restaurants are aimed at the public. The luxurious decoration will make people feel high consumption, thus eliminating the desire to enter the restaurant. It is very important for hotels to create a warm and comfortable dining environment for customers. Of course, gorgeous decoration is not impossible, but it should be selected according to the positioning of the store itself.

(3) Target population

If we are open to the general public, then the decoration should be carried out in a manner close to the people; If it is mainly aimed at the middle and high-end consumers, the decoration should not be too simple. It must be decorated in a way that meets the needs of the middle and high-end consumers.

(4) Control costs

Many things should be avoided during the decoration, such as cutting corners, delaying the construction period, overstating the budget, etc., which should be strictly supervised by a specially assigned person to avoid increasing the decoration cost.

(5) Necessary cost

Many things cannot be saved in the decoration, such as water and electricity. During the construction, we must find professional personnel to ensure high-quality decoration, so as to reduce late failures.